House Cleaning

You work hard, you deserve a break. Let us do the dirty work. We have several types house cleaning services for you to choose from.

Generally, if you have not used our house cleaning services before you will want to choose our initial house cleaning. This is what you might call a Spring Cleaning. We really spend some extra time getting your home clean. It's basically getting the home to Ground Zero. Once the dust bunnies have been banished, soap scum scoured and old dust removed we can begin a regularly scheduled maid service.

Our regularly scheduled maid service maintains your home and gives you extra time to focus on what's most important to you.

We also offer move in cleaning services and move out cleaning services. This is a great option when changing apartments or homes. Getting your deposit back after an apartment cleaning is so much easier when it's done professionally. Plus, who has time to focus on cleaning when you are moving! If you're getting a home ready to sell a move out cleaning can get the place ready for buyers and real estate agents. Put your best foot forward. Real estate agents tell us all the time that a clean home can sell much quicker and even get several thousand dollars more at market.

Commercial Cleaning

You strive to demonstrate the most value in your building. Our janitorial services will help you and deliver beyond expectations.

SN Pro cleaning offers cleaning programs are tailored to fit the individual needs of each customer and/or tenant. No matter what your needs may be, SN Pro Cleaning can deliver a cleaning program that provides consistent, quality cleaning that enhances the value of your office building.

Garage Cleaning & Organize

Are you jealous of a clean garage? You know the type we are talking about. You drive by a house with the garage door open and it’s absolutely spotless! There are shelves lining the walls, all neatly stacked with bins. There’s a well-organized workbench.

There might even be a car parked in there, with ample room on both sides! Seeing what a clean, junk-free garage looks like, you might come back to your own garage and want to just shut the doors. Instead of hiding from your clutter, why not call SN Pro Cleaning for a total garage clean out?